3 Things That Will Reduce Your HVAC Lifespan

Did you know that the average HVAC system’s lifespan is anywhere between 15 and 20 years? According to the US Department of Energy, that’s about how long you can expect your heating and cooling systems to last … if they are well cared for

The number one reason why your furnace and air conditioner may have a reduced lifespan is if it isn’t properly maintained throughout the equipment’s life.

You wouldn’t operate your car without adding oil.

The same applies to your HVAC system. For it to keep operating efficiently season after season, it needs a little TLC. It needs to be checked by a professional to determine if all the working parts still work, and it’s in proper operation to give you peak efficiency.

That’s number one. Number two and three are equally easy to care for.3 Things That Will Reduce Your HVAC Lifespan

Number two is a dirty air filter. Think about how your HVAC system operates. When the system turns on, it creates conditioned air – either warm or cool, depending on the weather – and forces it through the ducts and out to every room in your home. As it blows air through the system, dirt, dust, and other debris move right along with it. That’s why your HVAC system has an air filter in place. It’s designed to pick up these indoor air pollutants and filter them out of your air supply. If your air filter is dirty, it can’t do this effectively. And they can slow your system down, or even cause it to malfunction.

Number three is inappropriately sized equipment. Have you ever noticed your equipment runs all the time, and yet your home still has hot or cold spots? Does the problem seem to get worse with age? It could be the size of your equipment. You can’t buy just any furnace or air conditioner. Size matters. A professional should calculate the correct size based on how large your home is and the conditions that impact heating and cooling (what direction your home faces, how many windows and doors, etc.)

If your equipment isn’t operating as it should, it can shorten the lifespan. And that means you’ll be replacing the equipment much sooner than necessary.

The easiest way to find out if your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency is to schedule a maintenance visit today. When is the last time you scheduled an appointment?

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