Will A Dirty Air Filter Make Your Air Conditioner Freeze Up?

The one thing you can be sure of with Denver weather is it is always changing.

Will A Dirty Air Filter Make Your Denver Air Conditioner Freeze Up?

As we’re moving into September, we can have days creep into the 80s followed by nights in the 40s. Which means you may be using both heat and air conditioning on some days, turning them both off altogether on others.

Just like you, your HVAC system breathes. With this constant cycle of on again off again air movement, it allows dirt, debris and other pollutants to settle deep in your HVAC equipment.

How Your Filter and Blower Work Together

When your HVAC system runs and blows hot or cold air, it uses a fan called a blower. This is a motor that pulls in air from outside of your home and moves it into the system and through an air filter.

If your air filter is new and clean, the air slips right through. But over time, your air filter does its job and begins to pick up particulates. And over time, they add up and begin blocking the air movement. A clogged air filter causes resistance, which causes the motor to work even harder. Day in and day out, the motor starts and stops, working as hard as it can until it overheats and finally shuts down.

Without a motor, your air conditioner won’t work. And you won’t stay cool.

This cycle of overheating and shutting down continues, with the AC unit freezing up over and over again. Eventually, though, it overheats one too many times and simply gives up for good. The motor ceases, a fried, burning smell occurs, and you realize once and for all it needs replacing in order to bring your air conditioner back to life.

Once thing could have prevented the headache of having the air conditioning unit from going out at the most inopportune time: regular maintenance and changing the air filter on a regular basis.

Replacing Your Air Filter: A Quick and Easy Investment That Can Save You Money!

Replacing the air filter regularly throughout the course of the year takes little time, just a small investment. Yet it can prevent hundreds of dollars in damage – almost always at the worst time possible – and prevent hundreds, even thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

When was the last time you replaced your air filter? Call the Metro Denver HVAC experts at Quality First Service Group to have your air filters checked or replaced today!

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