It’s Time To Think About Fall HVAC Maintenance

Cool mornings. Just a hint of color in the trees. Yep, we’re gearing up for fall across the Front Range. And while you might not turn on your furnace quite yet, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about making your fall maintenance appointment to make sure your HVAC equipment is in good working condition.

Is your furnace dirty after several months of inactivity?

Do you want to make sure your furnace is operating at its full potential?

Do you want the most energy efficient process possible?It’s Time To Think About Fall HVAC Maintenance

By scheduling a fall HVAC maintenance appointment now, you can get your answers to all of these questions and more. Plus it’s a great time to jump ahead of the crowd and assure your HVAC equipment is in good working condition before the first chill spreads across the city. That’s when our phone rings the most … and you’ll already have an appointment on the books.

An HVAC contractor looks for many things when they perform a fall maintenance checkup.

· Clean the burner and heat exchanger

· Clean any other component of the furnace that is dusty or dirty

· Inspect the venting system

· Verify your venting system is operating effectively

· Change out filters

· Check for rust, soot, leaks or corroded electrical contacts and frayed wires

Remember, the key to a healthy, long lasting efficient gas furnace is routine maintenance at the start of every season. It ensures your furnace is running safely and that you are getting the most from the equipment you’ve invested in. It also keeps you safe from harm … something very important when operating gas appliances.

Furnaces are complex systems, we help ensure they stay working properly to keep you safe and warm all season long. Schedule your fall maintenance checkup today.

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