Which HVAC Brand Should I Choose?

Unless you replace your furnace or air conditioner in an emergency, you have time to do a little research and determine your best course of action. And like every product you own in your home, there are different brands to choose from.

Yet HVAC is different than a dishwasher, or even your phone. That’s because the HVAC dealer you end up selecting is also the manufacturer. Here’s why.

In the US today, there are only six different HVAC equipment manufacturers. Yet together they sell HVAC equipment under more than 150 names.

Trane and American Standard? Yep, they’re the same.Which HVAC Brand Should I Choose?

Carrier, Payne, Bryant, and Tempstar? Yep, they’re the same too.

And if you’ve ever looked inside your HVAC equipment, you know there are a lot of separate parts that come together to make your furnace and air conditioner operate. Just three manufacturers produce each of these components: Honeywell, Emerson, and Johnson Controls.

Take another look at your HVAC equipment. You’ll notice the system isn’t one compact object that you can carry into your home in a box and install by plugging it in. That works with a phone – even your dishwasher. But with HVAC equipment, it’s a little more complex.

The furnace and air conditioner are made up of many different parts. Your ventilation system was installed back when your home was being built. You have a thermostat controlling how hot or cold you condition the air in your home. Each of these consist of many different parts, all coming together to make your heating and cooling system. And you may have different brands and manufacturers for separate functions along the way.

What’s the real difference?

Who you choose to install your HVAC system.

Because furnaces and air conditioners don’t slide out of the box ready to plug in, it’s up to who you choose to install it that makes all the difference. It takes years of experience to understand the best way to connect all of the pieces to give you the best equipment for your home and lifestyle. If you let a handyman “plug it in”, you’ll likely have a less than efficient system.

Instead of worrying about which brand to choose, select the right contractor instead.

Read reviews. Check licensing and certifications. Ask questions. Never settle until you’re comfortable with your selection.

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