Your Thermostat – Myths and Facts

For being one of the smallest appliances in your home, your thermostat plays a pretty significant role. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to control the heating and cooling of your home with precision.

But are you using it in the best way possible? Consider these myths and truths.Your Thermostat - Myths and Facts

Your furnace or air conditioner works twice as hard with big changes in temperature. Turning the thermostat back when you’re at home does little good, since you’re putting more wear and tear on the equipment overall.

Setting back a thermostat to energy savings mode during extended periods of time during the day when you’re at work or asleep can save a significant amount of energy. Years of research have proven that energy savings are significant. Your appliances are created to turn off and on in the most effective way possible. As long as your equipment is in good working condition, how often it operates will have little bearing on the effectiveness of the equipment in the long run.

The higher you raise the temperature for heat, the quicker your home will warm to your desired temperature.

Cranking up the temperature gauge to 90 degrees, for instance, will do nothing to warm your home faster. The heating equipment can only produce so much warm air at a time. If for some reason your home isn’t heating properly, there may be more wrong with your equipment or ductwork than meets the eye. A professional can evaluate your system to determine the problem and offer repair solutions.

The location of the thermostat doesn’t matter.

The location of your thermostat is very important. Where it’s located in your home determines its performance. A thermostat should be placed away from doorways, direct sunlight, drafty areas, drapery, appliances, vents, registers, and the kitchen. Ideally, it should be convenient and close to the areas of the home you use most.

One thermostat is all a home needs.

Even small homes can benefit from having more than one thermostat. Especially if you have multiple heating zones, such as downstairs living spaces and upstairs bedrooms, multiple thermostats can help you maximize energy saving and improve overall comfort.

To learn more about thermostats and placement inside your home, give us a call today.

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