The Right Way To Use Your Furnace Registers and Vents

The Right Way To Use Your Furnace Registers and Vents

You’re cold, you turn the thermostat up. You’re hot, you turn the thermostat down. What could be more simple than that?

Actually, your furnace is a sophisticated piece of technological machinery. True, you do use the thermostat to adjust the temperature based on your preferences.

But doing so in the wrong way costs you money.

Ever used your registers to try and control the temperature? If a room is empty, why not shut down the register to prevent the room from heating? Read on to find out why that may not be working in quite the manner you anticipated, from the Metro Denver furnace experts at Quality First Service Group!

Only closing the supply register

A supply register supplies heat to the rooms in your home. Every room has one, and depending on the size of the room, may have more than one. But a supply register isn’t the only thing that makes your home comfortable and operate efficiently. It also needs a return register to pull air in and send it back into the furnace. When you close off registers in your home, a common mistake is to only close the supply register which leaves the return register uncovered. It a well-insulated home, this causes that room to have negative pressure. The furnace will then suck cold air into the return vent via cracks and leaks that exist throughout your home. All of that cold air causes the furnace to operate for extended periods of time, which in effect causes your furnace to run longer and harder.

Close registers without sealing ductwork

When was the last time you had an HVAC technician evaluate your ductwork? Gaps and leaks in ductwork cause energy waste even in the best of conditions. But when you close registers, the problem escalates. Closing off vents add pressure to the ductwork. The air that flows through is now moving with more force, and when it encounters leaks, it escaped in larger qualities. This causes heat loss and a decreased air flow to every room in your home.


It’s not just your furnace, registers, or even ductwork that’s causing a problem. Blocking a vent can also cause problems with your airflow. Do you know where every vent and register is in your home? Take a moment to walk around and ensure they are all open and blowing properly. A couch, chair, or even draperies can be blocking the register from distributing air properly. Adjust so that the registers have the ability to circulate air to your room.

Want to ensure your furnace is operating as efficiently as possible? We can help you by performing an energy audit to show you where your heating system is lacking most. Give the Metro Denver furnace service experts at Quality First Service Group a call today to get thorough furnace maintenance in Denver and the surrounding areas!

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