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How Fans Can Give Your AC A Break

Outside, the heat may seem like it never will stop. Inside, your air conditioner keeps working non-stop, keeping you cool day after day.

Want to give your AC a helping hand this summer? It may be as simple as adding the spin of a fan to help you stay more comfortable, as well as helping you save energy and money in the process.

Ceiling and oscillating fans don’t provide cool air to the room. Instead, they produce a “wind chill effect.” By moving air across your skin, it keeps your temperature down while allowing you to turn the temperature up on your air conditioner. That’s where your AC unit gets a much-needed break.How Fans Can Give Your AC A Break

While oscillating fans are portable and work well when you’re stationary in one room, considering a ceiling fan is also an option for the rooms where you spend the greatest amount of time. Kitchens, dining areas, family rooms and bedrooms are all likely candidates for ceiling fans.

Want an even more effective option? How about a whole house fan?

Whole house fans help your air conditioner cool your home by pulling air through the house and exhausting warm air through the attic. They use far less energy than your air conditioner. They are best used during the cooler parts of the day – early morning and late evening – to help reduce air conditioning needs. Whole house fans come in two varieties:

Ceiling mounted – these are installed between your living space and the attic and exhaust air with the help of an attic fan.

Duct – these utilize ductwork to remove air from rooms, venting the air directly outside of your home. These are quieter than ceiling mounted fans.

Looking for ways to stay cool and save money in the process? It may be time to install a new fan. Whether your goal is to install ceiling fans in each room, or a whole house fan in your attic, we can provide you with the service you need. Call us today.

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