Is It Time For HVAC Zoning?

Ever notice different parts of your home are warmer or cooler than others?
Homes often have hot or cool spots – places where the temperatures are
impacted by things like the angle of the sun, home design, or even problems
with your HVAC system.

Inconsistencies are why HVAC zoning systems were created. With zoned heating
and cooling, you can select the temperature for each zone, rather than
setting the temperature for the entire home based on the conditions of
where you currently are.Is It Time For HVAC Zoning?

Multi-zone heating and cooling systems have many benefits, energy efficiency
being one of them. Zoned HVAC systems aren’t that much different
than your usual single-zone heating and cooling equipment; the biggest
distinction is the dampers located inside of the ducts that direct heating
and cooling to specific parts of your home.

A good zoning system also includes a programmable thermostat that can be
set to different temperatures and settings throughout your home.

When deciding how to design the zones, you should weigh several different factors.

What are your household’s preferences? Is one person consistently
warm while another is cold? It may be best to consider which area individuals
spend the most time in and adjust accordingly.

How does home design impact the temperature? Windows can allow both heat
and cool air to move around easier than other rooms in your home. Or a
newly added addition to your home may be more energy efficient than the
older section of your home.

What about convenience? Would you prefer to be able to control the temperature
upstairs near the bedrooms? Or bump up the temperature in a basement theater
without running upstairs?

This is where an HVAC contractor can help. Contractors understand ducting
systems and know where to place the dampers to get you the results you
want. They understand how to evaluate your home for changes throughout
the day – how that south facing window will impact heating in the summer
– and what questions to ask to ensure you achieve the results you are
looking for.

In general, a zoning system can save as much as 30 percent on your energy
bills because it’s a more efficient way to heat and cool your home.
But in addition to the savings, you can make your home a more enjoyable
place to be. Imagine never being cold or warm again because you can adjust
the temperature to your liking in every room in your home.

If an HVAC zoning system right for you?

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