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3 Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Blizzard

Winter in Denver is like no place else on earth. We can easily be running around in shorts one day only to find ourselves knee deep in snow the next. And of course, the snow may not stop at knee level. Several feet, anyone?

That makes it difficult to prepare for the worst. Do you have the supplies on hand to make it through a blizzard? Could you be stuck at home for several days? While Colorado snow may melt quickly, it can still be a difficult experience if you aren’t prepared.

3 Tips For Preparing Your Home For A BlizzardIt could also be deadly. Is your furnace prepared?

Double check and replace or update carbon monoxide detectors
Because many of us across the Front Range use gas-forced furnaces, this is especially important. If the storm is big enough to knock out the power, it can cause a buildup of exhaust or gas in your home. Especially when you’re all safely tucked inside and don’t open the doors for hours, even days.

Know where your furnace exhaust pipe is
Not all furnaces exhaust through the roof. In some cases, they are on the side of the house. Find it before the next snow storm and educate your family on where it is. The best way to prevent exhaust build up during a blizzard is to ensure your exhaust pipe stays clear of ice and snow. Gently know icicles and remove snow from the outside of the pipes. If they are blocked, they will shut down your unit and leave you without heat.

What’s your backup plan
If your heating system quits working during a blizzard, what’s your backup plan? Do you have a fireplace you can use? How about an electric heater? Or a backup generator to provide you with enough power to stay warm before help can arrive? At the very least, a pile of blankets can do the trick. And give us a call. We’ll work our hardest to get out to you as soon as possible and get your system up and running.

Don’t panic during the next blizzard. Have a plan instead. Call us today for emergency heating services!

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