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Can You Make Your HVAC System More Efficient?

Are you spending more on your heating and cooling bills each year? Are you looking for ways to cut back without having to compromise your comfort?

The good news is there are many things you can do to make your HVAC system more efficient.

Check your ventilation system for leaks

Can You Make Your HVAC System More Efficient?While your furnace may be operating at peak efficiency, if the conditioned air isn’t reaching the rooms of your home, you’ll have warm and cool spots throughout your home. Studies show a lot of problems occur in a home’s ventilation system. It might not have been installed correctly, or it might have reduced efficiency over time. By having your ducts sealed properly, you can improve your efficiency.

Replace your filters often

Dirty air filters can clog and restrict the air flow from your furnace, which means the system has to work harder to condition the air to your desired temperature. Dirty air filters can also impact air quality within your home. Manufacturers offer different guidelines on when to replace filters, but in general, you should replace them at least at the beginning of each season, or as often as once in a month in active households.

Maintain and repair

Many homeowners take the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy with their HVAC equipment. As long as it’s working, why worry about it? Ongoing maintenance, however, can save you as much as 40 percent of maintenance costs by fixing things early before they turn into full blown-out problems. Belts and hoses are easier and less expensive to replace than the furnace. And if it can give several more years of life, that’s money well invested.

Use a programmable thermostat

With today’s thermostats, you can do a variety of things to keep your expenses as low as possible. Program them to turn on and off based on your schedule at home. If you have unexpected plans, use internet controlled features to adjust from anywhere in the world. And with today’s features you can often login and look at reports to determine how to save even more.

Of course, every system installed has a life expectancy, and at some point your equipment will reach it. Investing in new equipment can be costly, but it often makes up for it in energy savings and comfort.

Don’t wait until it’s an emergency; do your research early and get the right HVAC equipment for your needs.

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