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Mold and Mildew Could Be Lurking In Your HVAC

We hear a lot about the detriments of mold, yet mold is everywhere.

Outdoors, mold serves an important process in the ecosystem, breaking down decaying matter.

Indoors, tiny amounts pose no serious health risks. But if more substantial mold growth occurs, health risks begin to rise. And if anyone in your home is more susceptible to respiratory problems, it could be a major concern.Mold and Mildew Could Be Lurking In Your HVAC

The symptoms of mold start out similarly to a cold: coughing, wheezing, nasal congestion, headaches, throat soreness, itchy eyes, problems with the skin. Because they closely resemble allergies or a common cold, very few people trace it back to mold in the short term. That’s when problems escalate.

Mold has a distinctive musty, earthy smell and persists in the long term. It grows quickly in damp areas and likes to hide deep in the walls and other dark areas, increasing the likelihood you’ll smell it before you see it.

If the symptoms above linger and you suspect mold, you can purchase a mold test kit to get a better idea if the problem exists. While it may not be a problem for healthy people in the short run, persistence can do more harm, and while not confirmed, there is some evidence that mold exposure in early childhood can increase the risk of a child developing asthma over time.

If you do have a mold problem in your house, you should take quick action. Mold that you can see can be easily cleaned with a bleach solution. Be sure to wear a mask and protective gloves. If you can smell it but can’t see it, it could be growing in your ductwork. Call in a licensed HVAC expert to evaluate the situation and take appropriate action.

Mold growth is possible in your HVAC system, especially if it malfunctioning or hasn’t been properly maintained over the years. Because moisture can form quickly when the system isn’t working properly, especially in areas that are prone to moisture such as the kitchen or bathrooms, it’s important to ensure your system is working properly every day of the year.

If you suspect your HVAC system isn’t getting the job done properly, reach out to your local HVAC technician today.

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