Beating Allergy Season All Year Through

In the springtime, it starts with the first budding trees. Elm, pine, poplar or ash, it doesn’t matter what type of tree is around you, you’ll probably notice them popping into life just by the itchy feeling that begins in your nose.

Then summertime rolls around and grass pollen reigns supreme.

Fall peaks its head, and you’ll start sneezing when weed pollen takes control. If there was only a way to get rid of that ragweed for good.

But no matter what happens outside, it can be frustrating when you find very little relief when you walk through your front door.

About 10 to 20 percent of the population suffers from ragweed allergies. And although it can be found all over the United States, it’s especially bad here across the Plains. A single plant can produce up to a billion grains of pollen, which explains why it can be a persistent problem for so long.Beating Allergy Season All Year Through

You can experience headaches, have trouble sleeping, even suffer asthma attacks when the pollen count is high.

It moves into your home in a variety of ways. It can enter on your clothes, on your pets, or through open doors or windows on a breezy day. That’s why it’s important to have a good ventilation system in place, where you can filter the irritants out before they get into your respiratory system.

The good news is that ventilation is an important part of most air conditioning systems. If you have a high-quality air conditioner in place, you already have what you need to remove pollen from the air.

However, if you aren’t maintaining your air conditioner on a regular basis, it may be missing some of the capabilities it has for keeping your air clean and healthy. Change your air filters regularly. Have a certified HVAC technician check and repair your air conditioner at the beginning of each season. Use the “on” function instead of “auto” on your unit to keep fresh air circulating throughout your home all the time. Or consider upgrading to a variable speed blower to provide both air quality and energy efficiency throughout your home all year long.

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