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What To Expect When You Have A New HVAC System Installed

air conditioner

air conditioner

Your HVAC unit is an important system to keep your home comfortable and healthy. Whether you are replacing your old equipment because it is no longer functioning very well, or simply because you want a more energy efficient unit in place, it’s a good idea to know what to expect when the technicians arrive.

Removing the old unit

On the day our technicians arrive, they will inspect your HVAC setup and bring in all necessary tools and equipment from the truck. They will have everything in place before they begin. Their goal is to cause minimal disruption to your life and will try to keep on top of sticking to a schedule, so you know what to expect. They will turn off the power and disconnect the old unit. At this time they will also drain all coolant for proper disposal.

Installing the new unit

While every home and unit installation is unique, you can expect that it will take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours to install a new furnace and about 4 to 8 hours for a new air conditioning unit. If you are installing both portions of the HVAC system at the same time, it might take 8 to 14 hours for complete installation. Most installation jobs can be completed in one day. However, if complications exist, it can take up to two days. Each job is unique, and your HVAC technician should be able to give you a better idea once they’ve inspected your setup.

What do you do once it’s installed

Once your new HVAC system is installed, it’s important to understand the operation of the system before the technician leaves. Have a few questions ready.

Make sure the technician explains how to program your new thermostat. This may also be the time to upgrade and install a smart programmable thermostat to help with energy efficiency.

Your new HVAC system may have different sounds than what you’re used to. Have your technician explain what sounds you may hear over the next few days as the system is settling into its new surroundings. Know what to listen for, what you should hear and what may be a sign of something to call in for.

Since the HVAC equipment requires regular maintenance to stay operating efficiently, ask for a timetable. Most equipment runs smoothly and efficiently when maintained and inspected once a year.

Have any additional questions about your HVAC system? Give us a call today.

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