Snow and Your HVAC System

We’re coming up to the snowiest months of the year here in Colorado.

Is your HVAC system up for the job?

Your HVAC system is designed to keep you warm and comfortable throughout
the winter season. But in order to operate safely and efficiently, it
needs a little TLC each year. Here are a few tips to ensure you and your
family stay safe while keeping your utility bills as low as possible in
the process.

Do you own a heat pump?Snow and Your HVAC System

Ensure your unit isn’t installed directly on the ground. This will open up the opportunity for air restriction and have blocked
drainage when snow and ice build up.

Choose landscaping wisely. Plant plants and shrubbery to block heavy winds. However, be sure to allow
enough clearance to ensure service calls can be handled without hindrance.

Be conscious of defrost mode. When a heat pump is in defrost mode, it temporarily reverses operation,
so that warm air is supplied to outside equipment. This melts ice or snow
that may have accumulated on the equipment. This is normal and won’t
last long.

Do you own a gas forced furnace?

Make sure exhaust pipes are clear of snow and debris. To work properly, the exhaust must free-flow outdoors. Make sure your
flue is not blocked.

Change your air filter. A clean filter helps maintain maximum airflow and ensures your air quality
is as clean as possible.

Resist raising the temperature too high. Constant fluctuation of your furnace can make your utility bills rise
and decrease the longevity of your equipment. Invest in a programmable
thermostat and adjust the temperature in your home as little as possible.

Don’t forget annual maintenance. This is the best way to ensure all HVAC equipment is operating as efficiently
as possible. It can also help you ensure your equipment will last as long
as possible.

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