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Heating And Cooling When You Own A Pet

Do you have cats or dogs living in your home? Pets can make your house feel like a home, giving you lots of love whenever you’re around.

Pets can also mean more work, including early morning wake-up calls and the occasional messy accident.

For better or worse, sharing your house with a pet means more work. And when it comes to a major home system like your HVAC system, knowing just a few tricks of the trade can help save you from problems down the road.

Heating And Cooling When You Own A PetReplace air filters frequently
You’ll find the HVAC industry as a whole recommends you replace your air filters at the start of the heating and cooling seasons. If you have a pet, ramp up your replacement times to monthly instead. Pets can mean more dander and more hair floating around your house. And if they are inside/outside pets, they’ll bring in more dirt and debris. Replacing your air filter monthly can help your HVAC system operate more smoothly.

Brush and bathe pets more often
Bathing and brushing your pet often means controlling how much debris and hair are in your home. If you keep it out of the air, it means it has less chance of clogging up your filters.

Keep pets away from equipment
Most furnaces are tucked away behind closed doors. If not, ensure your pet doesn’t have access to where your HVAC equipment is located. Also, ensure a fence is placed around outside AC or condenser units to keep them from clawing or urinating on the units, which can cause significant problems as well.

Schedule maintenance visits frequently
With the added activity in your home from your pets, be sure and schedule regular maintenance visits from your HVAC company to ensure your system is operating as efficiently as possible. It will help protect your HVAC system and save you money and time by keeping your system operating at their best.

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