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Root Damage To Your Pipes

It’s winter here in Colorado. Your plumbing problems can’t be caused by root damage – or can they?

In both drought conditions and the winter months, roots from trees and shrubs will travel great distances to search for water. And in many cases they may find what they are looking for in small cracks or poorly sealed water and sewer lines.

Once they find water, they continue to hold on to their feeding source. They will fill the pipe with multi root masses, and slowly start preventing waste and water flow within the household water system. If not caught and fixed early, the pipes will continue to erode, eventually becoming completely clogged, or collapsing under the pressure.

If roots have entered your pipes, the only way to clear them is with power cutting blades. Your local plumber is qualified in repairing all types of sewer and pipe clogs, and can handle any excavation that may be needed.

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