Pros and Cons of Walk In Bathtubs

One of the riskiest rooms in your home as you age is the bathroom. And nothing could be more risky than taking a step up and over the side of the tub, especially as mobility issues increase.

Traditional bathtubs present a risky situation for both the elderly and for people with mobility issues. An easy solution is to install a walk in bathtub, a special tub designed with a door that open and closes, giving you easy access to walk in and sit down safely without having to take large steps.

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How do walk in tubs work?
Most walk in tubs are designed with a door that open and closes on the front or the side of the tub. The door gives the user the ability to get into the tub without having to lift their legs high over the threshold in order to get in. When the door is closed, it creates a seal that allows the water to stay in the tub, and won’t flood the floor. Most also come with fast draining features so the occupant won’t have to stay in the tub long after use, waiting for it to drain.

Why are walk in tubs safer?
The obvious obvious advantage to install a walk in tub is it makes bathing easier for people with mobility issues. Without having to take large steps, the risks of falling are reduced considerably. Walk in tubs are specifically designed for people with mobility issues, so they also come with a variety of other safety features, such as handrails, seats and floors made from skid-proof textures, and pads that can help users keep their heads above water.

What problems can walk in tubs cause?
In order to use a walk in tub, you must enter it before filling it up. That means the user may get chilled while adjusting to the right temperature and filling up the tub. The user will also have to be patient and allow the tub to drain before getting out. While most tubs come with quick fill features, and fast draining, it important to keep in mind that the best will increase the pricing of the tub. Because walk in tubs are larger and require more water than traditional tubs, some homes may need a new hot water heater in order to keep up with the demand.

Walk in tubs offer a variety of features, including adjustable bubble jets, adjustable shower heads, and more. While some can be retrofitted into the space you currently have, others may require a bit more remodeling in order to make them fit into your existing space. Professional installation is required. If you would like to talk more about installing a walk in tub into your home, give us a call today.

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