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Avoiding Holiday Plumbing Problems

Holidays are a time for bringing family and friends together. And in some cases, its also a time for plumbing emergencies. Not only are you spending more time at home with time off from work, but you also have more people stopping by, putting additional strain on your entire home plumbing system.

Here are some tips to help you avoid some of the more common holiday plumbing issues.

In the kitchen:

· When cooking meats, avoid pouring excess fats or cooking oils down the drain. Liquid fats will solidify in the pipes, causing clogs.

· Instead of putting waste through the garbage disposal, throw it in the trash instead. Foods that are hard to grind, such as meats, salad items such as carrots and celery, and fruits like apples and bananas, can be especially hard on your disposer. With more people in your home, its better to avoid sending too much down the drain.

· Turn the disposal on a few seconds before adding food, and leave on a few seconds after the food has been processed. Use the disposer with a heavy stream of cold water.

In the bathroom:

· Turn up your water heater slightly to provide maximum hot water for guests.

· Schedule showers on intervals to ensure everyone gets a warm shower. Maybe now is the time to also consider installing a hot water circulation system to have instant hot water anytime.

· Keep a trashcan in the bathrooms to avoid flushing random items, such as cotton balls and face cleansing pads.

Throughout the house:

· Run dishwasher and washing machine on off times. Early morning or late night washings can save on hot water and water pressure.

· Use only cold water when washing clothes.

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