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How Lemon Juice can Unclog your Drain Naturally

How to Clean Your Drains Using Lemon Juice


Switching to Natural, Chemical-Free Drain Cleaning 

Homeowners are constantly trying to find natural alternatives to traditional cleaners and household products. If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals to clean your sink, why would you want to put them down the drain to work on a clog?

While there are a variety of commercial drain cleaning products available, reading the list of ingredients often makes you feel as if you need a science degree. What are all of those chemicals? And will they affect your water supply? Or give you more problems with your plumbing system down the road?

If you find yourself with a clogged drain, don't reach for a harsh chemical drain cleaner. Try using lemon juice instead!

How to Clean Your Drains Using Lemon Juice

The first step is to rid your drain of any built up grease or soap. This is a normal cause of clogs. And breaking up this buildup first gives the lemon juice a larger path to work with.

All it takes is a small amount of boiling water poured down the drain to loosen up what is there. Once you have loosened up any buildup, check the water flow again. If it is still slow, use a sink plunger to get the remaining water down.

Once you have rid the sink of all water, you will need 8 ounces of baking soda. Pour it down the drain, ensuring that it does not get stuck around the drain. Follow this up with an equal amount of lemon juice. The lemon juice and baking soda react to give your drain the foaming action that is needed to break up any clogs in your drain. If enough solution is used, some of the crud on the side of your drainpipes will also get washed down, giving your drain even more effectiveness.

The final step is to flush the drain with boiling water again. This will remove any leftover residue of the clog and clean your drain. These steps will provide you with an unclogged drain without the use of any harmful chemicals or expensive products.

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