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Trenchless Water Main Replacement System

One of a homeowners worst nightmares is a broken or backed up water main. Even though the problem needs to be handled quickly, the thought of destroying mature landscape and have days of holes and trenches all over the yard can be daunting at best.Trenchless Water Main Replacement System

But thanks to technology, there is an alternative. A Trenchless Water Main Replacement System is a process that allows the replacement of existing pipe without having to dig a trench, and therefore will not have an impact on your homes landscaping, including patios, decks, walkways, or driveways. The trenchless system can be used to replace a variety of piping, including your water, sewage and gas lines.

The pipe used in the trenchless system is made of a strong polyethylene that is virtually root and chemical proof. It has a life expectancy of well over 100 years, and is quickly becoming the standard in all underground piping installations. The piping is seamed to fit on the job site, and is pulled into place underground using trenchless technology. Plus the benefits to you as a homeowner are many:

  • Quick Installation – a normal project can easily be completed in just a day or two.
  • Cost Effective – replace the broken or backed up pipe instead of having to replace landscaping too.
  • Strong – because of its strong construction and seamless design, it’s a great way to guard against future problems.

Check with your local plumber to learn more about your options when replacing old pipes.

With a trenchless system, the old pipe is located and prepped for replacement. Both ends – the beginning and ending pipe or the problem area – are found and cut. The polyethylene pipe is laid out and seamed together to create the correct length. A cable is used to snake through the pipe, and lead the new pipe through the existing pipe, breaking away the old. As a trained technician, your plumber will ensure the entire process occurs smoothly, and corrects the original problem.

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