DIY Plumbing – Buying The Right Replacement Fixtures

In every home, there are certain plumbing issues that come up that are
more do it yourself in
diy plumbing buying the right fixturesnature. From fixing a leaky toilet, to replacing a dripping faucet, when
making minor repairs, buying the right replacement fixtures is the most
important part of any project.

Step 1 – Find the problem

Sometimes the problem jumps out at you, sometimes it takes a little more
research. Finding the source can help you limit the hours spent on the
repair, and save countless trips to the hardware store. When you’re
taking a part fixtures or piping, keep all the pieces together and in
the right order so its easy to connect back together.

Step 2 – Match it

Even though you think you know what part you need to replace, looks can
be deciding when you’re standing in the hardware store with dozens
of choices. When in doubt, bring the actual piece with you to match up
and compare, and ensure you are purchasing the right piece.

Step 3 – Get the right measurements

When replacing larger items like sinks or toilets, make sure you take
accurate measurements for reinstalling. Sinks and toilets come in a variety
of sizes, shapes and heights. Buying by looks alone could bring a big
surprise when installation is complete.

Step 4 – Know your source

Different areas have different code requirements. Buying used or old,
out of date materials can sometimes cause you to no longer meet code requirements.

Step 5 – Know your options

The hardware store may seem to be the best place to find new fixtures.
But there are other options. In many areas the public has access to wholesale
supply companies and can find unique supplies not found in the big box
stores. You may even check with your local contractor or plumber for information
– they often have tips on businesses or websites that offer things
out of the ordinary.

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