Plumbing Tips For A Colorado Summer

Summer is almost here. And in Colorado, that means we’re using a
greater level of water. Which also means your chance of water problems
and damage is up as well.

With a little maintenance and care, you can avoid problems before they
happen. Here are five ideas to help you start your summer out the right way.

Spring Clean Your Water Heater. Over time, sediment, sand and mineral deposits build up. Flushing this
accumulated sediment out of your system helps in efficiency.

2. Watch For Puddles and Wet Areas. When pipes crack, they may not be immediately
noticeable. Yet with use over time you’ll begin noticing small puddles
accumulating in your lawn. Your local plumber now has electronic locators
that can find the exact location of a crack or break, eliminating the
need for digging in multiple places.

3. Check the Outside Hose Bib. If you didn’t winterize your sprinkler
system and hoses, water damage may have occurred. Over time, as water
freezes and thaws, it can cause cracks and ruptures in pipe walls. Watch
for signs of damage as you water the first few times.

4. Check Basements and Crawl Spaces For Water. Watering your landscaping
is a daily part of our lives here in Colorado. But for some older homes,
landscaping isn’t conducive to eliminating water problems. Rebuild
your landscaping to allow water to run away from the foundation. Plant
plants that require less water. And watch your basement and crawl space
for any signs of water damage.

5. Schedule a Sewer Line Inspection. As trees and plants grow and spread
out their root systems, they may break into your sewer lines. If you live
in an older neighborhood with mature plants and trees, a simple sewer
line inspection can help you determine where problems exist, and give
you an opportunity to fix them before them become larger problems.

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