Colorado Plumbing – 12 Tips For Your Home

Your Colorado plumbing contractor can help you make your home even better this year with these simple tips.

tips for residential plumbing in denver
  1. Think green. There are dozens of ways to start converting your home to a green environment.
    Start small, and do a little at a time.
  2. Perform a water use analysis. Especially in the summer months, there are a variety of ways you can reduce
    and conserve the water flow within your home.
  3. Watch for leaks. If your faucets are leaking anywhere in your home, kitchen or bath, replace them.
  4. Upgrade your water heater. The average life of a water heater is 10 to 15 years. Check with your
    plumber on the quality of older water heaters, and replace before it breaks
    and you sustain damage.
  5. Preventative maintenance. Avoid problems by cleaning drains, pipes and sewer lines on a regular basis.
  6. Monitor water lines. The older your home, the bigger your risk of sewer and water line breakage.
    As landscaping grows and thrives, it searches out water. And the best
    place is to go to the source – your pipes.
  7. Monitor inside and outside water sources. Especially in Colorado where the weather turns from cold to hot and back
    again quickly, keep an eye on water sources. Protect by turning off water
    early, disconnecting hoses from outside water faucets, and monitoring
    outside wall pipes during extreme cold spells.
  8. Clean drains before visitors. The summer months bring more travelers and guests into your home, giving
    your drains more use. Clean drains before they arrive to ensure proper flow.
  9. Expand the size of your garbage disposal. Especially with more of us cooking at home, consider upgrading your garbage
    disposal to handle even the biggest jobs.
  10. Put in a gas grill. Nothing says summer like heading outdoors for a barbecue dinner. Instead
    of spending time and energy on charcoal, put in a gas grill to make cooking
    outdoors even easier.
  11. Take out the evening chill with a gas fire pit. Don’t like the weather in Colorado? Stick around for an hour, and
    it will change. A gas fire pit will keep even the briskest nights warm,
    and allow you to be outside much longer into the season.
  12. Be energy efficient. Purchase energy efficient appliances as they need replacing. Conserve
    water by running full dishwashers and washing machines. Buy low flow toilets
    and faucets for your bathroom. There’s a lot we can do. Just take
    the time to a do a few things today, and you’ll be amazed at how
    much it saves you over time.

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