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Plumbing Tips For Colorado Home Owners

With spring just a few days away, it may be time to start some of those home projects you’ve been putting off.

Instead of just a quick cleaning, why not change the way your house looks, and also start conserving. This is the year of “going green”. Take a look at these plumbing tips, and get started today.

1. Start with the inside. Look for leaky faucets in the kitchen and bath. Whether you fix up and replace old parts in your existing fixtures, or head out to buy new ones, this is the easiest way to begin conserving water.

2. Evaluate your water heater. How old is it? How long since its been checked for cracks or leaks?

3. Replace old appliances with new energy efficient appliances. Washers and dishwashers use a large portion of a home’s water supply. Look for appliances with high energy efficient ratings.

4. Replace old toilets and showerheads with water conserving fixtures.

5. Then move to the outside. Test sprinkler systems for cracks and breaks.

6. If your home has large trees surrounding it, consider a sewer inspection. We’ve had very little snow/rain fall this year. Tree roots are vulnerable in these conditions, and may have moved over the past few months looking for a water supply. If they found your sewer or water pipes, fixing the problem now can save you a considerable amount of money down the road.

[For all of your spring cleaning needs, your local plumber can help you now before your small problems become big. We’re here to help, and look forward to working with you.]

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