DIY Plumbing – Installing A Sump Pump

Doesn’t it feel like the rain will never end here in Colorado this season?

Depending on where you live, you may be experiencing basement flooding.
Because Colorado is typically a dry climate, daily rain can take its toll
in some areas.

If you’ve noticed water seeping into your basement, it may be time
to install a sump pump to forgo future water damage, and prevent damage
to your belongings, and basement surroundings.

Sump pumps generally fall into two categories: submersible and pedestal.
Both types of sump pumps are designed to activate based on a float switch
that tells when the water level has reached a certain height. The main
difference is where the motor lies, and its accessibility to the motor
and its parts.

A sump pump is usually sold according to the horsepower of the motor. The
size corresponds to how many gallons per hour the pump is capable of pumping
out. For example, a ½ horsepower unit can remove anywhere from
3,000 to around 7,500 gallons per hour.

Because most sump pumps are hardwired into your homes electrical system,
a battery backup should also be considered in case of power outages. Different
options are available depending on the length of time the system will
work before the electricity is back on.

Also check with your local government office on laws for drainage. Many
areas now have laws in place for run off requirements from a sump pump.
Make sure your water is routed to a legal destination, and a safe distance
away from your home.

[If installing and maintaining a sump pump isn’t for you, contact
Quality First Service Groupfor help with all your
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