Sump Pumps – Which Type Is Right For You?

There are three types of sump pumps available for you to use within flooding your home basement. Two are electric models, one is water powered.

Pedestal – A pedestal sump pump is an electric pump that stands upright with the motor at the top. The motor itself is not meant to get wet. The pump has a float-activated switch that turns on when the water rises and reaches a certain level. This type of sump pump is common in home basements where flooding and water drainage is an issue. They are usually less expensive than other models, and are noisier than submersibles.

Submersible – Submersibles are electric pumps that are installed directly into the ground, and are designed to work underwater. They use the same float-activated switch technology as the pedestal pumps, though because they are underwater, they tend to be quieter. They also tend to have a longer life because theirs motors are sealed and protected from moisture and dust.

Water-Powered – A water-powered pump runs off the water pressure from your home plumbing system using the same float-activated switch design. These pumps handle water drainage at a comparable rate to the electric styles, yet require no electricity for operation. This makes them ideal backup systems to their electric counterparts.

Benefits of having a sump pump:

· Keeps the water out of your basement, lowers the humidity level in your home, and gives you a dryer basement.
· Keeps fungus, mold and mildew at bay.
· Gives you a cleaner, healthier home.
· Keeps your foundation safe and intact.
· Prevents warping of floors, floorboards, wallboards, paint and wall coverings.

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