Green Hot Water Heaters

What is a green hot water heater? If you do any amount of research online, you’ll probably come to the conclusion it’s a tankless going greenwater heater. But is a tankless water heater your best option? Is a tankless water heater for you?

Here are some important facts about tankless water heaters, and things to consider when you’re making your decision on installing one.

1. A tankless hot water heater doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have instantaneous hot water at the location of your choice. If you have a home where your sink or shower is far from the water heater, the hot water still must travel from the source to your location, taking seconds or even minutes. Even though you may be choosing a green alternative, you’ll still be wasting hundreds of gallons of water per year allowing the water to heat up.

2. A tankless water heater actually consumers more fuel than a standard water heater, since they don’t rely on stored hot water. You may have to replace your gas line with a larger diameter one when installing your unit, which can be expensive depending on where your gas meter is located.

3. Proper sizing of your tankless water heater is imperative. People are often disappointed in their new system because they installed an undersized unit. Tankless water heaters are sized according to consumption and demand. If you purchase one too small, it won’t keep up with demand, and you’ll often be left without hot water.

Luckily there are alternatives. One of the best ways to create a green hot water heater is to start with your existing hot water heater, or purchase a more traditional hot water heater if its time for replacement. Then install a Hot Water Circulation System.

With a Hot Water Circulation System, a return line is installed from the last tap on your hot water supply line, and enters back into the tank by way of a small circulating pump. Because the hot water is constantly being recirculated, its available immediately whenever you choose to access it.

Saves you money.

And helps you conserve water.