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10 Plumbing Tools Every Home Should Have

1. Standard Plunger A standard plunger is a necessity for any type of backups in the sink, tub or shower.

2. Flanged Plunger A flanged plunger is a standard plunger with a funnel-like extension on the bottom that fits snugly into a toilet.wrench

3. Hand Crank Drum Auger When plunging does not clear a clog, use a hand crank drum auger, also called a snake.

4. Toilet Auger The toilet auger fits into the toilet to clear clogs and retrieve unflushable items like towels and toys, and has a sleeve to protect the bowl’s porcelain finish.

5. Adjustable Wrench An adjustable wrench gives you flexibility when tightening or loosening nuts and fittings without marring the finish.

6. Pipe Wrench A pipe wrench is grooved to bite into pipes and fitting for a sure grip, and allows plenty of leverage for tightening and loosening.

7. Groove Joint Pliers A pair of 12 inch groove joint pliers allow you to grip pipes and fittings.

8. Flashlight Choose a flashlight that stands on its own, and swivels to different positions. Many plumbing problems exist in tight, dark spaces, and a flashlight can quickly become your most important tool.

9. Putty Knife A putty knife is handy for applying plumber’s putty.

10. Hammer and Screwdriver These simple tools can help you out in many ways, from loosening stuck parts, to putting items back together again.

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