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Running A Gas Line To A Natural Gas Fireplace

On the cold days of winter, a fireplace is just the thing to warm up those chilly nights.

Whether you’re converting a traditional fireplace to gas, or remodeling your home to include a gas

fireplace, a licensed plumber can help you make your project a reality.

First, select the model that’s right for you. There are dozens of different choices for gas fireplace

s, many which offer energy efficiency. Options to consider are a model that can be connected up to your ductwork to help heat your home, one with a direct vent for safety and efficiency, or using one with an automatic starter instead of a pilot light.

Then look for the most efficient and direct way of connecting your gas to your new fireplace. Your plumber can make suggestions on methods that will work best for your home layout. He may run a

line directly from the gas meter, or from the main pipe near the furnace.

Safety is key whenever you access a gas line. Check with your plumber to verify he has experience working with gas lines, and understands the complexity of adding new pipes and connecting to new sources.

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