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8 Things Your Plumber Can Do For You

What do you think of when you hear the word plumber?

Chances are you think of the word problem.

· A pipe broke and is flooding your basement.
· The water heater no longer works.
· The sewer is backed up.

But a plumber can be more than a “fix it” person. He can:

1. Install the new faucets you purchased months ago, and are still on the floor in your bathroom.

2. Upgrade your garbage disposal to give you more power.

3. Convert your old fireplace to a gas fireplace by running a gas line.

4. Convert your electric stove to a gas stove by installing a gas line.

5. Analyze your current water system to give you ideas on conserving water.

6. Help you plan a bathroom remodel, giving you tips on toilet, shower or sink placement.

7. Get ready for spring by installing a new gas fire pit.

8. Get ready for summer by installing a new gas barbecue.

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