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Winterizing Your Plumbing

With the Colorado weather, it’s hard to know what you’ll get from day to day. It can easily change 50 degrees or more from day to day, and have you planning for winter and summer all in a 24 hour period of time.

While its still the dog days of summer, what can you do now to start preparing winterize your plumbingfor those cold winter months?

Insulate your home plumbing system. The easiest and most efficient way to winterize your plumbing is to insulate the pipes and tubes that are most at risk. Check outdoor sprinkler systems now to ensure proper insulation.

Restructure problem pipes from previous winters. Here in Colorado, we never know what the next season entails. If you’ve had breakage or leaks in the past, now is the time to have a professional out and fix the problem areas.

Drain pipes thoroughly if they won’t be used during the winter. A pipe with small amounts of water and weeks or months of non-use is trouble waiting to happen.

Have pipes located on exterior walls? Maybe its time to improve your home’s insulation as well. Not only will it leave your pipes warmer and safer, but if may also improve the overall efficiency of your home’s heating system as well.

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