Hot Water Circulation System

When the weather turns cool here in Colorado, some things make your home
just a little nicer. A fire in the fireplace. A cozy blanket to snuggle
under. And a nice
shower instant hot waterhot shower to warm up in the mornings.

Instead of wasting thousands of gallons of water each year letting the
water run until warm, consider installing a hot water circulation system.

A hot water circulation system doesn’t mean installing a whole new
water heater, or even running expensive pipes throughout your home. A
hot water circulation system is an easy and affordable way to upgrade
your home’s plumbing system, and save money and water down the road
with a more energy efficient system.

With a hot water circulating system, a recirculating pump pulls hot water
from the hot water heater while simultaneously sending cooled-off water
from the hot water lines back into the hot water heater to be reheated.
Instead of draining the hot water supply of the cooled-off water, the
system sends the water back to be reheated, giving you an instant and
constant supply of hot water readily available whenever you turn on the
hot water. In addition to having the convenience of hot water on demand,
you’ll also conserve water and energy over time.

The system can be set up within your existing home within a few hours.
Your local plumber will evaluate the condition of your current hot water
heater, and will attach the hot water circulating pump to your existing
system. Generally one pump is sufficient to control the hot water flow
to all fixtures throughout your home.

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