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7 Green Plumbing Tips For a Colorado Fall

With all the cool, rainy weather we’ve had this year in Colorado, it’s hard to believe we’re leaving summer behind, and moving into fall. Even though rain doesn’t seem to be at a shortage, and our reservoirs appear to be at the brink, its still important to think green, and put as many water and energy saving tips to use as possible.

Here are 7 ideas to help you turn green as we move into fall.

1. Water your grass, flowers, trees and bushes on an as needed basis. With the amount of rain fall plumbing tipswe’ve been receiving, landscaping doesn’t need as much water as it did in drier years. Install rain sensors on your sprinkling systems, or monitor your plants’ needs before turning on the hose.

2. Look for green cleaning methods. Instead of using harmful chemicals in your daily cleaning, look for green-friendly alternatives instead. Laundry detergents, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, and drain cleaning products all have safer alternatives.

3. Install energy and water saving appliances and fixtures in your home. Take advantage of the various rebate programs offered throughout the Denver region:

Denver Water Rebate
Castle Rock Water Rebate
Aurora Water Rebate
Colorado Springs Rebate

4. During the warm summer months, we tend to use cooler water. Instead of turning the faucet on and allowing the water to warm, we simply use it as is. That changes in the cooler fall and winter months. Consider installing a hot water circulating system. Without changing out your current hot water heater, you can enjoy instant hot water, allowing you to waste less and conserve more.

5. Turn off all outdoor water sources, and insulate outdoor pipes. Cracks can turn to slow leaks, which can lead to thousands of gallons of wasted water, or even more expensive problems down the road.

6. Change your landscaping, putting in more drought tolerant plants. Even though this was a cool, wet summer, Colorado remains in the prairies where we can expect dry, hot days in coming summers. Plan now for those days. Check with your local nursery to find the best plants for your area.

7. Watch for leaks and slow drips. Fix tubs, showers, kitchen and bath faucets early to avoid potential problems and water waste in the future.

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