image of potatoes next to potato peeler

10 Worst Things To Put In Garbage Disposal

While garbage disposals are one of the most frequently used items in the kitchen, it may be easy to overlook how to keep it in top shape. Here’s a look at 10 things to avoid sending down the drain.undefined

1. Vegetable peelings
If you are peeling a bunch of potatoes or carrots, place them in your garbage instead of sending them down the disposal. The peels in excess can gum up on the blades and in the pipes, backing up the system.

2. Fruit pits
Cherry pits, peach pits, nectarine pits – any type of fruit that has a hard, middle seed.

3. Celery stalks
Celery is string-fibrous and can produce the same affect as vegetable peelings. Avoid sending celery down in excess.

4. Fats and grease
Fats and grease will adhere to the pipes over time, creating backups and clogged pipes.

5. Pasta
Starchy substances will stick to both the blades and the pipes. In excess, pasta can quickly cause backups.
6. Rice
Rice is similar to pasta, and will cause backup when put down the disposal in excess.

7. Coffee grounds
Coffee grounds in excess can act in a similar manner to rice and pasta, clogging up both the blades and the pipes.

8. Paper, plastic, glass
Avoid sending down paper such as coffee filters, or bits of packaging as you are taking items out of their wrappers.

9. Egg shells
The pieces of shell can linger in the pipes and eventually cause a clog.

10. Shells from shellfish or bones
Bones from items like chicken, or shells from shellfish can break off and get caught in the blades.