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With over 30 years of professional experience, Quality First Service Group provides friendly and reliable services to customers in Parker. We know how to properly diagnose and fix a variety of plumbing issues, from leaking pipes to clogged sewer lines and broken water heaters. Trying to fix plumbing issues on your own is often stressful and inconvenient, and could lead to further damage, particularly if you do not have the training to use plumbing tools effectively. Trust our highly rated Parker, CO plumbers to handle all your plumbing issues.

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Common Signs of a Plumbing Malfunction

Plumbing problems, such as leaks, clogs, or burst pipes, can put your building at risk for water damage, mold, mildew, pest infestations, wood rot, and poor indoor air quality. Furthermore, failing to address plumbing issues could lead to high utility bills from wasted water. If you notice signs of a plumbing issue, it is important to get in touch with one of our Parker, CO plumbers as soon as possible. We will work quickly to repair or replace necessary components.

Common warning signs of a plumbing problem include:

  • Lack of hot water
  • Discolored water in your taps
  • Unexplainably high water bills
  • Mold growing on the roof or walls of your building
  • Slow drains
  • Dripping faucets
  • Constantly running toilets
  • Water hammering
  • Areas of moisture in your yard or the smell of sewage
  • Unusual noises, such as clanking or rumbling in pipes

Whatever the situation, it is important to never ignore signs of a plumbing issue. From a simple clogged drain to a major leak in the sewer line, our Parker plumbing specialists will work diligently to fix the issues and leave your home or business fully functional.

Professional Parker Drain Cleaning Services

Over time, hair, trash, cooking grease, food particles, and even tree roots can cause drain lines to clog and back up. When that happens, don't turn to chemical drain cleaners that can do more harm than good—make sure you call the professionals at Quality First for professional drain cleaning services. Utilizing the latest technology and equipment, there's no clog too stubborn for us to tackle. What makes our drain cleaning services so effective? We're focused on identifying the problem at its source so that we can implement the best solution for your particular situation. For example, if your drains frequently back up and we discover that the reason is a broken sewer line, we can get to work on repairing or replacing the section of damaged pipe. If your bathtub or shower is clogged with hair and soap scum, we may snake the drain and provide you with tips to prevent similar backups in the future. No matter what drainage problems you're facing, you can count on our Parker plumbers for honest advice, trustworthy service, and expert solutions that won't break the bank.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Sick of your hot water running out after only a few minutes in the shower? Are you left without any hot water at all? Is your hot water supply smelly or discolored? If so, Quality First can help! Our Parker water heater repair and replacement team can assist you with all types of repairs for your gas or electric water heater. If your water heater cannot be repaired (such as if the unit is leaking from the base due to widespread corrosion), we can recommend the right replacement water heater with respect to your budget and overall hot water needs. We'll help you choose the correct size, make, model, and brand and provide you with perfect installation. Be sure to ask our plumbers about tankless water heaters, which can provide you with an unlimited supply of hot water and greater energy efficiency than storage tank models! To help make your purchase more affordable, we offer financing with approved credit.

Parker Water Leak Detection Services

Plumbing leaks, particularly underground slab leaks that occur beneath a home's concrete slab, can have disastrous consequences if they aren't repaired in a timely manner. Left unchecked, they can waste a ton of water, contribute to structural damage to your home, and potentially cause problems with mold growth that can be harmful to your health. Not to mention, you're still paying for all of that water! At the first sign of a leak, be sure to call Quality First for professional electronic leak detection services. Once we pinpoint the source of the problem, we can quickly get to work on the plumbing repairs or replacements needed to solve it.

Signs you may have a hidden plumbing leak include:

  • Puddles of water where there shouldn't be (on the concrete on the side of your house, on your lawn, or anywhere in your house)
  • Unexplained spikes in your water bill despite no increase in water consumption
  • Dripping or running water noises when all of your taps are turned off
  • Mold or mildew growth/odors in your home (ceilings, walls, floors, under cabinets, etc.)
  • Water stains on your ceilings or walls

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At Quality First Service Group, we are passionate about providing the best possible services to our customers. Our Parker plumbers have the tools and training to repair and install plumbing products in your home or business. We will not only fix issues such as leaks and clogs, but we will also provide preventative maintenance to keep your system running at peak capacity all year round.

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