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Colorado Plumbing – 12 Tips For Your Home

Your Colorado plumbing contractor can help you make your home even better this year with these simple tips. Think green. There are dozens of ways to start converting your home to a green environment.Start small, and do a little at a time. Perform a water use analysis. Especially in the summer months, there are a … Continued


How To Install A Gas Grill

When the days are long and hot, the last place you want to be is in the kitchen cooking over a hot stove. Why not install a gas grill instead? Not only does it make cooking during the hot summer months more fun, it can also make a great addition to your backyard landscape. First, … Continued


Remodeling Your Denver Home? Call A Plumber

Instead of upgrading your home, and moving into a bigger one, many Denver residents are remodeling their existing homes instead. If you live in a great neighborhood with good school systems and supporting community, why not? As you’re remodeling your home, one way to cut down on costs is to use one company for as … Continued


5 Facts About Sump Pumps

Basements are most often flooded by water building up in the soil, andoverflowing into the basement. A sump pump is placed at the lowest levelof the basement, and pumps the water out and away from the home beforethe water level reaches the basement floor level. Sump pumps are usually installed for two reasons. One, the … Continued


10 Ways To Help You Save Water

Living in Colorado means we’re used to a dry climate. Even when we get rainy days like we’ve had the past couple of weeks, the hot Colorado sun will soon be upon us. Use these 10 tips =to help you save water around your home – and become a little greener in the process. 1. … Continued


Plumbing Fixtures: Repair or Replace?

Should I fix my current faucet, or should I replace it with a water-conserving fixture? I’ve heard the newest water-saving toilets don’t work well, is that true? Should I attempt to replace my current bathroom fixtures myself, or hire it done? When it comes to plumbing questions, we know you face a variety of situations … Continued


Fixing A Leaky Faucet

A faucet that drips just once per minute willwaste over 4 gallons of water every month, and over 52 gallons per year. While once per minute may not seem like much, its easy to see how it adds up over time. Faucets come in two different designs, washer-type or compression, and washerless. To repair a … Continued


Spring Clean Your Water Heaters

How old is your water heater? It may be time to flush the sediment from your storage type water heater. Sediment is sand, grit or mineral deposits that exist within your water system. Over time, your water heater can accumulate this sediment, reducing the amount of water it can hold. It also reduces the efficiency … Continued


Quality First Service Group is the Premier Plumbing Company In Colorado To Go Green

What does it mean to take your plumbing company green? To provide green products, services, tips and solutions! Quality First Service Groupis taking their belief in a greener world, and providing every one of you with tips and strategies to help you green up your own environment. Here’s how … Quality First Service Groupis leading … Continued


How To Fix Your Toilet

At some point in time, you will have a problem with your toilet. Whetherit’s a stopped up toilet, a toilet that doesn’t flush completely,one that fills slowly, or one that runs constantly. Here’s a listof fixes and troubleshooting items to help with a fix. The Stopped Up Toilet This is by far the most common … Continued


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