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Why Is My Air Filter Getting Dirty So Fast?

Every homeowner has a to-do list of maintenance items to perform around the home. These items not only make your home look better, but they also make it function better as well. For your HVAC system, it doesn’t take much to keep it working well throughout the year. Schedule an annual maintenance visit to ensure … Continued


What To Do When a Rodent Dies In Your Ductwork

It isn’t a sign of uncleanliness. It’s not something you’ve done wrong. The fact is, rodents and other small animals look for places of warmth, areas where they can build their nests and stay safe from the elements and predators. And sometimes that means getting into your ductwork. If they die, that’s where your problems … Continued


Is There An Ideal Humidity Level For My Home?

Humidity isn’t something we think of routinely here in Colorado. If anything, the dry climate makes us wish we had more moisture in the air. Humidity is simply a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air. The higher the temperature, the more water vapor the air can hold. If you’ve ever visited … Continued


COVID and Your HVAC System

We’ve been living inside a pandemic for almost a year. You’ve spent more time at home in the past year than … well, ever. Remember eating in restaurants and watching movies in the theater? They seem like a distant past. As the world slowed down and we spent hours at home working, attending school, even … Continued


Do I Have An HVAC Emergency?

There’s one thing every homeowner dreads – a furnace or air conditioner that doesn’t turn on record-setting days. When you turn your furnace on early in the morning, and it doesn’t, is that considered an emergency? Or how about a furnace that isn’t blowing heated air, and it happens to be a holiday? Is that … Continued


Make These HVAC Upgrades To Add Value To Your House

If you’re thinking of selling your home in a few years, you might have a to-do list to ensure it’s as marketable as possible. Every home buyer wants an upgraded kitchen and new flooring, but did you also know that your HVAC system matters? Certain HVAC upgrades add value to your home, and make home … Continued


Should You Really Be Worried About Your Indoor Air Quality Now?

After the year we’ve just had, homeowners are now more aware of indoor air quality than ever before. How do you know if you’re doing all you can to keep the inside of your home comfortable and healthy? Pay attention to your allergies We’re all programmed to attribute increasing allergy symptoms to a change in … Continued


What To Look For When Investing In a Home Heating System

If you were one of the many homeowners this year who spent any time without electricity, you know how important a home heating system can be. Your furnace may run with natural gas, but electricity is still needed to turn the burner on, and blow heat throughout your home using the blower fan. On those … Continued


How Your Pet Impacts Your HVAC System

Almost half of all Coloradans own a pet, with more than 27 percent having at least one dog to come home to at night. Pets – we love them. But if you own a pet, you understand that along with ownership comes responsibility. It goes beyond feeding and spending time with them. They impact everything … Continued


Get An Early Start At Keeping Allergens Out Of Your Home This Spring

Even though March is one of the snowiest months in Colorado, it’s also a time when we see the first signs of spring. Daffodils and tulips peek up out of the ground. You might have a tree springing into life with new buds. That’s also a sign of something else you might be dreading: allergies. … Continued


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