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The Most Common Electric Furnace Repairs

As a homeowner, you can choose different appliances to make your home more functional. For furnaces, you can select from gas-forced air or electric.  While gas-forced furnaces are the most popular because of their low expense, it isn’t the only choice. For some, electric furnaces are a better way to heat the home.  Electric furnaces … Continued


Why Water May Be Pooling Around Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners across the Front Range work hard to keep people cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. For a gas-powered air conditioning unit, the system has both indoor and outdoor components to ensure it operates efficiently.  An evaporator coil is located inside the unit, and is used to cool warmed air … Continued


Buying a New HVAC System? Learn These Key Terms First

Thinking of buying a new furnace or air conditioner this season? Heating and cooling systems aren’t something a homeowner purchases regularly. If well cared for, the average furnace can last 20 years or longer, and an air conditioner can provide up to 15 working years.  Because you don’t purchase or work with either unit regularly, … Continued


Can A Thermostat Go Bad?

With the first temperature drop of the season, your home feels like you’ve suddenly stepped into a freezer. You move the thermostat from cool to heat, and expect the furnace to turn on and heat your home.  It doesn’t.  So you check a few things. What could it be? It might not be your furnace. … Continued


What Are The Most Common Furnace Problems You’ll Face In Fall?

It happens every year. We have unprecedented hot weather. Temperatures hover in the 90s for weeks. Then suddenly, a cold snap hits that has everyone scrambling for their winter clothes and warm air. You turn on the furnace … and nothing happens.  When the first sign of fall hits the Rockies, hundreds of phone calls … Continued


Why Would Your Furnace Be Blowing Cold Air?

On a cold day, nothing feels quite as good as walking into a cozy warm home, feeling the warm breeze flowing through the vents.  But it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes you turn your furnace on expecting warm air, and the only thing you find is that the furnace is blowing cold air.  What’s … Continued


Is Air Conditioning A Problem For Your Allergies?

More than 50 million Americans live with common allergies. If that describes you, you may dread spring and fall when your allergies seem to flair up with the changes of the season. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Denver is one of the friendliest places for allergy sufferers. But that’s of little … Continued


How Low Can Your Energy Bills Go When Temperatures Rise

It feels great to spend time in the summer sun when you’re relaxing by the pool or having adventures in the mountains. But having summer sun warm up your home isn’t quite as fun… especially when you get your energy bill in the mail. You may be wondering how to lower your energy bills without … Continued


Colorado, Air Conditioners, and Humidity: How The Three Fit Together

Most people laugh if you mention Colorado and humidity in the same sentence. If you’ve been here for any length of time, you realize just how dry Colorado can be.  A 98 degree day in June may have relative humidity at 18 percent. Compare that to a similar day in New Orleans, where relative humidity … Continued


How To Make An Air Conditioner More Eco-Friendly

As temperatures continue to rise all across the globe, air conditioners are in more demand than ever.  What you might not know is that air conditioners use more electricity than any other appliance inside your home. Collectively, staying cool adds up to about 10 percent of all electricity we use on planet earth.  And that’s … Continued


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