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It’s 100 Degrees! Here’s What Your HVAC Wants To Tell You

We’re midway through summer, and have had record-setting heat so far. But we’re a long way from cooler weather. If last year was any indication, 100 degree temperatures are possible well into the fall.  Is your HVAC system up for the job? While HVAC maintenance is often preferred in the spring and fall as we … Continued


What’s The Right Size Air Conditioner For My Home

When you shop for a new air conditioner, it isn’t as easy as picking one up off the shelves at your favorite store. You can’t order one online and expect it to work well for your home.  That’s because with an air conditioner, the right size matters. If you don’t install one that is adequately … Continued


How Air Conditioning Works With Your Plumbing System

Water damage is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.  Sometimes it’s easy to spot – a broken pipe will flood an area with water until you stop the source.  Other times it can be much more complicated – a small leak in a pipe behind drywall can take years to find.  In all cases, water damage can … Continued


Refrigerant Changes – Is This The Year You Upgrade Your Air Conditioner?

Have you been putting off updating your air conditioner? Have you been relying on repairs to keep an old air conditioner working? This may be the year for upgrading.  Over the years, transitions have been made to how air conditioners operate. If you remember the term Freon, you might know that refrigerant has changed throughout … Continued


What These 4 Noises Mean When You Turn Your Air Conditioner On

When people mention they have a noisy HVAC system, they usually are referring to their air conditioner. If your bedroom is by the outside air conditioning unit, you might have noticed it squealing or screeching while you try to sleep.  Air conditioners make a variety of different noises – some are good, and some aren’t. … Continued


Have a New House? This Is What You Need To Know About HVAC

The average time it takes to build a new house has changed very little over the past few decades. In 2021, the average length of time from start to finish was 7.2 months. It takes just over 7 months to go from concept on a blueprint to a finished house ready for people to move … Continued


I’m Using My Air Conditioner More – Should I Service It More?

The temperatures around the Denver Metro area are creeping higher. We’re using our air conditioners more months of the year.  Even if you purchased a top of the line air conditioner, it still requires service from time to time. As it ages and is put under stress from the on/off performance for keeping your home … Continued


Why a Home Warranty Might Not Cover Your HVAC Problem

We frequently receive calls from customers who book a service visit after a home warranty visit goes awry. Homeowners often pay extra for a home warranty, only to be disillusioned with the service they provide.  Home warranty coverage During the process of buying a new or new-to-you home, many companies offer a home warranty to … Continued


Get Ready For Your HVAC Service Call With These Tips

Have you been holding back making a call to your local HVAC company, wary of the process? Have you let the horror stories of the industry hold you back from inspecting your heating and cooling equipment?  Scheduling an HVAC service call doesn’t have to be a challenging process. Whether you have a specific problem you … Continued


Easy Ways To Stay Cool When Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

The temperatures are climbing … 95, 96, 97. It’s hot outside, but the problem is, it’s also getting hotter on the inside.  Your air conditioner is broken. It happens even to those homeowners who are meticulous with their maintenance schedule. Why? Air conditioners are put under a lot of stress trying to keep up with … Continued


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