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Should I Service My Air Conditioner Before Summer Starts?

When you live in Colorado, you’re used to four seasons. Sometimes they feel like they all come in one day, but in general, you’ll use your furnace for half the year, and your air conditioner the other half.

That means now, as the warm weather starts creeping in, your air conditioner has sat there dormant for months at a time. It’s faced the elements from this past winter, enduring snowstorms, ice, wind, and bitterly cold temperatures, all while waiting for the warmth to move in once again.

And now, when you flip a switch and expect your air conditioner to provide cold air when you want it most, it’s a guessing game of how effective it will be at its job. If it does turn on, will it work the entire season? Does the system have minor problems that may quickly escalate once the real heat of the summer kicks into full gear?

Should I Service My Air Conditioner Before Summer Starts?Only time will tell.

But there is another way.

You’ve spent a lot on your HVAC equipment. Furnace and air conditioners can cost thousands of dollars - they are two of the most expensive systems inside your home.

Rather than waiting for a sign something is wrong, doesn’t it make more sense to check out the system first, find potential problems before they grow, and fix them before they turn into bigger issues?

Air conditioner manufacturers recommend your unit be serviced annually by a professional technician. When a technician comes in, they’ll perform a series of tests to ensure your system is working well, and make any changes or repairs as necessary. They’ll do things like:

Thermostat calibration - this ensures your thermostat is working correctly, and is talking with the air conditioner. They’ll also ensure your thermostat is located in the proper place, and isn’t near a heat source that may cause it to fluctuate.

Check electrical connections - this ensures all electrical wiring is insulated and connected correctly to avoid fire hazards.

Lubricate moving parts - to keep all parts inside your air conditioner running smoothly, a technician will ensure they are properly cleaned and lubricated and moving at their best. This ensures it will operate correctly when you flip the switch, ready for cool air.

Inspect parts for wear - as they move through the system, cleaning and ensuring it’s ready for use, they will replace any part that isn’t working well or shows signs of wear and tear.

Is your air conditioner ready for the coming heatwave summertime brings each year?

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