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Why Is My Air Filter Getting Dirty So Fast?

Every homeowner has a to-do list of maintenance items to perform around the home. These items not only make your home look better, but they also make it function better as well.

For your HVAC system, it doesn’t take much to keep it working well throughout the year. Schedule an annual maintenance visit to ensure it’s running optimally. Change out the air filter periodically, depending on your lifestyle and household needs.

What? You haven’t changed your air filter in a while?

That’s one of the best ways to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently. Pull it out and replace it - you might notice it’s filled with dust, hair, and other pollutants. That’s a sign that it was working, but it might not be operating as efficiently because it’s clogged. What causes it?

A dusty home - here in Colorado, most of us use gas-force air to circulate conditioned air throughout our homes. It’s efficient, but it also circulates other particulates in the air as well. While daily living can introduce dust into the air supply, it can ramp up if you live near new construction, or close off rooms in your home and seldom dust.

Why Is My Air Filter Getting Dirty So Fast?Pet hair - do you have a dog or cat? Shedding is a part of the lifestyle. While you might notice floating hair accumulating in corners, it’s even worse when it gets sucked up into your ductwork. Brushing can help reduce this problem, but it’s equally important to change out your air filters regularly.

Not setting your thermostat correctly - thermostats have different settings for different goals. The fan can be set to “auto”, “on”, or “off”. When set to auto, it only operates when the HVAC system is actively heating or cooling your home. An on setting will leave the blower operating all the time, whether conditioned air is circulating or not. Switching to the auto setting will get more life out of your air filters.

Your lifestyle - a busy household with several kids, multiple pets, and activities day and night inside your home will be different than an individual who lives alone.

The filter - filters are sold with MERV ratings. The higher the MERV rating, the smaller the particles trapped within the air filter itself. This is something one of our technicians can help you with. Select an air filter that’s right for your HVAC system, and also supports cleaner air supply. They can help you understand how frequently you should change your air filter out.

When is the last time you checked your air filter? Do it today.

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