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The Terrifying Truth About Hard Water and Your Skin

Close up of woman's face.

Have you ever gone to visit a friend and asked for a glass of water? Maybe something about it tasted off or smelled strange. Our water is affected by all kinds of minerals and substances such as chlorine and fluoride--one of the most invasive water issues your home (and family) could face stem from hard water.

What is hard water?

Hard water relates to the number of minerals in your home’s tap water—magnesium and calcium to be specific. Typically homes that receive their water from a private well will have harder water than other homes, but even if your water comes from the municipal supply, you may see and feel the effects of hard water on your fixtures, glassware, hair, and skin.

Is hard water bad for your skin?

Hard water carries minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and trace amounts of iron. These minerals make it much harder to fully wash away all the soap on your skin and glassware (which is why your glasses may come out of the dishwasher cloudy!) Soap residue can clog your pores, which is where your body naturally releases excess oil.

Hard water can affect skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema as well. While it won’t cause these conditions, it can aggravate them and make them worse as the minerals in hard water strip your skin of its natural moisture. Combating this issue can be costly--which is why the global skincare industry was valued at around $134.8 billion just a few years ago.

How do you treat hard water?

When determining any issues you may have with your water supply, the first step is to determine exactly what your need is. The water quality experts at Quality First Service Group can help you decide which equipment is the best fit for your specific water quality issues.


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