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Easy Ways To Get The Best Performance From Your Furnace This Winter

Were you prepared for our sudden burst of winter, right in the heart of a record-breaking heatwave? You may have had to flip from air conditioning to your furnace without a lot of thought.

Having an efficient and effective heating system will ensure that transition happens without a problem. It will keep you warm and comfortable no matter how long it remains on.

But how do you ensure that’s possible? How do you ensure the best performance from your furnace all winter long?

Your furnace controls more than the temperature. It also creates better indoor air quality as well.

It reduces drafts

Easy Ways To Get The Best Performance From Your Furnace This WinterDepending on how old your house is, determines how much air is flowing in and out of your home. While today’s new construction may have tighter envelopes than ever before, they still fade over time. Drafts can form around windows and doors. It can slip in around vents and outlets. It can leak in as your insulation is compromised. While some things you can do yourself - like add weatherstripping around your windows and doors - other things might not be as noticeable. That’s where an energy audit can help you out. We’re happy to evaluate your entire home, and show you where you can get the biggest band for your buck.

It automates

All of those gadgets that are making their way into home improvement shows can make a difference in your home. A programmable thermostat, variable speed furnaces, and other devices can help you automate your heating system, and give you the best performance from your furnace. Sometimes simple tools can pack a punch. It’s about learning what’s possible, and making wise choices to bring into your home.

It makes improvements along the way

Every piece of equipment in your home fails over time. It wears down from use and age. The good news is, you can help reduce the effects simply by scheduling a regular maintenance visit before each season. It gives one of our contractors the chance to clean up your cooling system and get it ready for winter, while ensuring your heating system is ready for the coming system. Even if you’ve never had a problem with your furnace before, sitting idle for months can take its toll. A check will ensure all parts are running well, and won’t cause further problems as you run it as we move into fall.

Get more from your heating system by ensuring it’s working correctly. Schedule your fall maintenance visit today.

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