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Will Air Conditioning Spread The Coronavirus?

Will Air Conditioning Spread The Coronavirus?

At this time, we aren’t sure what causes coronavirus. There is no known cure.

What we do know is that coronavirus is transmitted via droplets from an infected person to people around them. According to one study, air conditioning may have been a contributing factor in transferring it from one family to the next while they sat at a restaurant.

Will Air Conditioning Spread The Coronavirus?Within the report, they recommended for all :

  • Strengthening temperature monitoring surveillance
  • Increasing the distance between tables
  • Improving ventilation systems

If air conditioning does contribute to spreading the disease, it’s one more reason to take added precautions during the next few months of 2020.

It’s also a reason to ensure your air conditioning system is in proper working condition, whether for your restaurant, commercial office space, or your residential home.

In the study above, they found that nine people were infected simply by sitting near an air conditioning vent in a restaurant where the virus was first identified, and being close enough to share air space. An asymptomatic diner managed to share droplets with all nine via circulation through the air conditioning system.

How does that happen?

Air conditioning works by removing humidity from the air, as water vapor also holds heat. Yet it’s moisture that weighs down droplets and particles as they float through the air. By removing humidity, it can enable infectious droplets to possible linger longer in the air supply.

Social distancing continues to be the biggest way to reduce the risk. That includes avoiding gathering in large groups, especially hosting parties in your home, or in large group settings in closed building environments.

Be sure to have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioner to ensure it’s operating correctly, and isn’t further exacerbating the problem.

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