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Now Is The Best Time For An Air Conditioner Tune Up

Now Is The Best Time For An Air Conditioner Tune Up

The Colorado weather can be especially tough on your air conditioner. It sits outside of your home year-round, waiting for the few months of the year it’s put to use. Will it be there waiting for you when you need it most?

The best way to ensure it’s working it’s best is to schedule an annual tune up before the heat of the summer sets in. One of our trained technicians will make sure your unit is working efficiently, ensuring your risk of problems is also reduced throughout the hottest months of the year.

Nothing is as frustrating as an air conditioner that goes out on the hottest day of the year. Schedule an air conditioner tune up now, and you’ll avoid that surprise, and stay cool no matter what the weather blows in.

Why else should you schedule your tune up now?

Prevents breakdowns - if a technician inspects your air conditioner before you turn it on and start running it every day, they can advise you of potential problems before they become bigger problems. Smaller repairs also cost significantly less than full blown emergencies. That’s win/win for your budget too.

Improves efficiency - if your air conditioning unit is running at optimal level, it’s more efficient than if it’s trying to operate with worn out parts or components that can’t do their job efficiently. That means you’ll pay less for your utility bills, and your air conditioner will be less likely to wear out before its time.

Extends lifespan - the less stress put on the individual components inside your air conditioner, the longer it will do its job as designed. If you want your air conditioner to have as long of life as possible, yearly inspections and tune ups are the best way to go.

Maintain warranties - most manufacturers require you to have regular tune ups to preserve the warranty.

When was the last time you had a tune up for your air conditioner?

Maybe now is the time.

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