Coronavirus and your Ventilation System

We’ve entered a new world, and every day will bring about new changes.

You’re home. That means more plumbing usage, and more utilizing your heating and cooling system. Not just a few extra hours – twenty-four hours of the day. In Colorado, it can drop below freezing one day, and feel like summer the next. Your heat might be in constant demand during the cool evenings, but it’s not unheard of to turn to your air conditioner as the temperatures continue to climb.

How will you stay in place if the air is stale and stuffy, making a bad situation worse?Coronavirus and your Ventilation System

We’ll be creating articles on this site for the foreseeable future, to help you understand how you can make your ventilation system cleaner, healthier. You can start by reading here.

Your Home’s Ventilation System

When most homeowners think about heating or cooling their homes, only their furnaces and air conditioners come to mind. But your heating and cooling system is so much more.

Without a ventilation system, the warm and cool air produced by your furnace and air conditioner would have no place to go. It’s the ventilation system’s job to move conditioned air to every room in your home.

As air flows, small particles remain airborne for a period of time. Pollen, dander, dust, and other pollutants make their way inside your home, then are blown from room to room every time your furnace or air conditioner turns on. Air movement can also affect disease transmission.

If your ventilation system is working correctly, it can keep your space clean. If it isn’t, it can exacerbate the control of the disease.

If built correctly, your ventilation system:

  • Brings in cleaner air from outdoors and filters it throughout the system
  • Supplies fresh air to every room in your home
  • Cleans the air as the system operates by pushing returned air back through the air filter and back into the system

What We’re Doing To Help

We’re to help our community stay safe and secure through these trying times. Our policies are listed here.

A clean home also means a cleaner air supply. Take this time to reorganize your house and deep clean from room to room. Order new air filters and replace them frequently. Ensure your registers are free from dust.

And call us if you have any questions. Stay safe!

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