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4 Ways To Prepare Your HVAC For The Colorado Heat

Summer is coming. Is your air conditioner ready?

Rather than wait for temperatures to rise, and find your air conditioner isn’t working, it’s best to think early. To prepare your HVAC for the heat, you just have to do a few things. Consider a bit of maintenance work now to save you headaches when the summer heat kicks in.

Check your thermostat

4 Ways To Prepare Your HVAC For The Colorado HeatJust like your HVAC has a limited lifespan, so does your thermostat. If it’s been working hard for you for years, it’s a good idea to ensure it’s still registering the proper data. While your furnace has been operating for the past few months, click over to your air conditioner by setting it to the “cool” setting. Give it a few minutes and ensure the air conditioner turns on and starts to cool down your home.

Replace the air filter

Your entire HVAC operates better if it has a proper amount of air flow. Your air filter is designed to catch dirt and debris as it makes its way through the system and into your air supply. If dirt makes its way back into your HVAC system, it can shorten the lifespan, and cause stress on the internal parts. Replacing the air filter only takes minutes, and it’s the best way to keep your HVAC system working the way it should.

Pay attention to the air conditioning unit

A lot of debris can build up over the winter near your air conditioning unit. Spend some time clearing away leaves and other debris and ensuring your unit is clean and ready for the coming season.

Schedule a tune up

Even if your air conditioner turns on and produces cool air, it may not be working at its optimal level. Let a professional do it twice per year - fall and winter to assure you’re ready for the coldest and warmest days of the year. By doing it early, you can ensure your equipment is in top shape before you start putting it to use as the summer heat sets in.

Contact our office today and set up your scheduled maintenance visit. It’ll ensure you’re HVAC is prepared for the summertime heat.

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