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Yes Furnaces Have Changed A Lot In The Last Few Years

Yes Furnaces Have Changed A Lot In The Last Few Years

Gas furnaces have heated homes all across Colorado for decades.

As the years have gone by, technology has increased efficiency. That means depending on how long ago you updated the furnace currently sitting in your basement, it could be extremely out of date. And if it’s not making use of current technology, that means it’s not making your home as comfortable as it could be for the amount you pay on utility bills each month.Yes Furnaces Have Changed A Lot In The Last Few Years

Efficiency is the most significant change between today’s furnaces and one’s from even just a few short years ago. We hold today’s products to a higher standard, they can make your home more comfortable, and do so in a quieter manner.

If you haven’t purchased a new furnace in years, some of the latest features may surprise you.

Variable speed technology

Many of today’s top furnaces offer variable speed blower motors. A variable speed furnace allows you to choose the speed at which air blows through the furnace and out into your home. It will enable you to meet comfort demands depending on your taste and desire. On colder days, turn up the fan to produce more air. If you have certain rooms that are colder than others, this can help reduce cold spots and make your home more comfortable throughout.

Blower delay

If you’ve ever stood by a vent when your furnace first turns on, you might have noticed a sudden burst of cold air. A blower delay ensures the air is heated before it releases into your room, meaning you won’t have that immediate burst of cold air. This assures the ducts are warm before the air starts circulating through them.

Multiple stages

A multiple stage, or two stage furnace, allows the blower to operate at two separate settings, giving you the air stream you need for heating your home. In fall and spring, a full blast of heat may not be necessary to heat your home. By being able to set it to low, you’ll save money on your utility bills, and allow the furnace to operate more efficiently in warmer conditions.

Are you looking for a new furnace? Maybe now is the time to buy a high efficiency furnace and heat your home in the perfect manner, no matter what the temperatures are like outside.

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