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Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner In The Rain and Snow?

There’s a lot of debate in the HVAC industry on whether it’s good to cover your air conditioner in the fall to prepare it for the rain and snow.

It sounds like a good idea. It’s a delicate piece of mechanics. And because it only operates during the warmest months of the year, it should be a good idea to cover and care for it when not in use. You do that with a variety of mechanical devices, why not your air conditioner?

Those who choose to cover an air conditioner do so for a variety of reasons.Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner In The Rain and Snow?

  • It keeps the AC unit’s coils clean
  • It protects the unit from moisture, snow, and ice
  • It keeps away debris that could filter into the unit

But there’s a big reason not to cover your air conditioner: moisture. While it might seem like a cover offers protection against moisture, it can also allow moisture to seep up under the cover, and become trapped. If it sits for extended periods, it can trigger the growth of mold.

Having a tight cover can also be a beacon for pests to take shelter. Mice and other small critters are always looking for a place to hide from the elements. Your air conditioner could become the place. And the results can be a failing air conditioner you might not be able to repair.

Manufacturers are also aware their units will be placed outside in harsh elements. They design them to handle all of that and more.

Worried about how well your air conditioner will do in the winter? Debating whether to cover your air conditioner or not? Don’t. The best thing you can do is schedule a maintenance visit before you turn it on and ensure it’s in its best condition before the summer heats up.

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