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The National Weather Service Issued a Storm Advisory. Is Your HVAC Safe?

There’s a saying in Colorado: If you don’t like the weather, stick around for a few minutes and it will likely change.

The summer can bring record-breaking heat, afternoon showers that come with potential flooding, and record sized hail, all on the same day. Winter months can be nice and calm one moment, followed by blizzard-conditions just a few moments after.

It’s hard to keep up with, especially if you spend time outside. And your house can be impacted by it all, putting both you and your home at risk.


The National Weather Service Issued a Storm Advisory. Is Your HVAC Safe?Thunderstorms can quickly turn violent with high winds and hail. Is your outside equipment secure? The concrete base will help secure your HVAC system, and if we’re expecting especially violent weather, you can secure it with a tarp.

You should also be aware of where your HVAC equipment is located. Lawn ornaments, children’s play equipment, and any other unsecured objects can become weapons that create damage to your unit. Also, be aware of trees, shrubs, and other nearby landscape materials that can break off and cause damage.

Power surges

Power interruptions are most likely to occur during severe weather. Any disruption in power can cause power surges inside your home. That lightning strike you saw and heard nearby can cause damage.

If you haven’t installed a power surge protector, now is the time. A whole house protector can give you added protection to all of your appliances and sensitive equipment. At a minimum, you should have a powerstrip for computers and electronics.

While storms are out of your control, how well your house is protected is something you can take action with. Be proactive and ensure your HVAC equipment and other household appliances are well protected before the next big storm crossed into the plains.

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